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It truly takes a community

In order to destigmatise talking about childhood sexual abuse, we need as many people as possible to contribute to this platform. Alongside Sophia as our full-time team, we have an incredible networkof collaborators, mentors and volunteers. 

Sophia Luu

Founder and Organiser

Sophia is a design researcher who specialises in topics that people find difficult to talk about. After being molested by a relative between the ages of 8-10, she has spent her life having conversations about childhood sexual abuse. As a trained mental health first aider, she developed a methodology of ‘Serious Joy’ when conducting design research, and is certified by the Centre of Expertise on Childhood Sexual Abuse. (Intra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse, Supervising Cases on Child Sexual Abuse for Social Work Managers, Sibling Sexual Abuse, Support for non-abusing parents and carers.)


Episode Contributors


Our Contributors

Many wonderful people* have given their time, mentorship and stories to make our platform possible:

(from left to right) Asian man, white and asian woman, hijabi Indian woman and Black man around camera equipment
  • ​Wren Knight – Human Rights Lawyer

  • Jeremy Indika – Founder, Something To Say

  • Ray O’Neill – Assistant Professor in Psychotherapy, University of Dublin 

  • Sabian Muhammad – Deaf content creator, aka The Uberhuman

  • Dr Anujavahinie Suntharamoorthy, CAMHS psychiatrist and Director of ANBU UK

  • Rachel An Vu, bilingual existential psychotherapist

  • Michael Tigchelaar – Writer and Sophia’s Fiancé 

  • Quyen Nguyen – Camera, Sound and Post-production

  • Jeremie Moludi – Camera and Sound

  • Cassandra Vida – Runner and Sound 

  • Safiya Ahmed – Runner

  • Michael Tigchelaar – Runner

  • Ali Gill –  Post-Production Producer and editing support

  • Vuong Ngo – Standby Mental Health support for all shoots

  • Aliya Akram – Reels design

  • Roxy van der Post - Photographer

Episode Reviewers


white man on right smiling at a mixed asian and white woman while a camera is looking at them

​​Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and expertise to check the tone and consistency of the episodes pre-release:

  • Mireille Harper

  • Ruby Kwong

  • Ishwari Bhalerao

Many thanks to our translators for doing the transcriptions for our Vietnamese Language and Culture episode:

  • Minh Huynh (Viet-English)

  • Mai Phuong (English- Viet)

  • Binh Vu (webisode) 

Tamil woman and white and asian woman smilingIMG_0135.JPG

Listening Club Facilitation


  • Lou - Co-Host, Queer Listening Club

  • Bava - Co-Host, Queer Listening Club

  • Elijas - Facilitator, Queer Listening Club

  • Chris - Chef, Queer Listening Club

  • Dr Ray - Co-Host, Queer Listening Club Dublin

  • Lyndsay McLean - Co-Host, Institutions Listening Club, Hove

  • Lu Simatele - Co-Host, Cultural Sensitivity, Hove

Special Thanks

  • Imogen Phillips from Platf9m Hove, for building a partnership with us for venues and events in Hove, and providing essential business admin, like an address!   

  • To Jollof Cafe  and Abdoulaye from Le Baobab - chefs who provide the food for our Brighton Listening Clubs


*Note: Due to the social stigma and silence associated with child sexual abuse, some people who contributed to this series have either used an alias or chosen to not include their names in this list.

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