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Supporting Organisations to adopt a trauma-informed, 'seriously joyful approach'. For organisations who work directly or indirectly with ith children, sexual assault, mental/ health services, dating, activism or sexual education & safety.

Workshops and Training

Our 'Serious Joy' training is a service for brands

and organisations that approaches difficult

topics in an accessible way through different

formats.  All of our proceeds are funnelled into providing content and spaces for

survivors of CSA and allies.

Talk topics: ​

  • Tailoring your services to be more intersectional

    with ‘Serious Joy’

  •  Practicing Serious Joy in research on trauma:

  • Understanding the Impact of childhood sexual abuse in the workplace

  • Research with victims of childhood sexual abuse

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Feedback_listeinng club.jpg

User Research 

As an experienced design researcher, Sophia can lead product teams to research service offerings around childhood sexual abuse and sexual trauma. Each package is bespoke and includes a range of methods, like:

  • Qualitative design research methods (like 1-1 Interviews, Focus Groups, Workshops, trauma-informed recruitment and notetaking)

  • Writing Insights & Synthesis

  • Journey and Service Mapping, like:

  • ‘Service hygiene’ - including highlighting inaccessibilities in your website or service

  • Co-Design with Survivors


Research sprints can last between 2 weeks-3 months



We deliver a range of talks (20-60 mins) focused on our ‘Serious Joy’ method of having difficult conversations. They don’t have to focus solely on childhood sexual abuse: we use this as a case study to explore our methodology and can design bespoke packages for your organisation. 

  • Serious Joy Methodology Introduction

  • How to Talk about Difficult topics

  • Looking at intersectionality through

    common experiences (uses child sexual abuse as an example)

  • Child Sexual Abuse as a case study for EDI

  • What you should and shouldn’t say to survivors of child sexual abuse

  • How to design services for survivors of child sexual abuse

Get in touch to tailor our packages to your organisation or workplace:
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