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It's not just you, TRUST us. We'd love to welcome you at one of our events!


Next Event: Hollywood  Representations of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Film
Platf9rm Hove
Thurs 23rd May, 7-9pm


June: Cultural Sensitivity and Child Sexual Abuse
Matthew's Yard, Croydon, London
Fri 14th June, 7-9pm

Listening Club cultural sensitivity croydon _eventebrite_ep3.jpg

June: Listening Club: Dating
Platf9rm Hove
Mon 24th June, 7-9pm


What is a Listening Club?

Comfortable spaces to engage with our podcasts and videos in person. A new topic focus each time. 


Get Comfy, listen together

We gather in a comfortable space to listen to a podcast episode and have guided discussions afterwards. Whether you are a survivor looking for support or an ally looking to learn, our club is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.


Your comfort is a priority.

We always strive to foster an environment of psychological safety. There is always a breakout area and quiet space at our events, we do not record or photograph without your permission. There is mental health first aid available during the breaks. We provide something for you to fidget to while you listen, which can be helpful for our neurodivergent guests.


Speak to a range of co-hosts with different lived experience.

We regularly change up the co-hosts at our clubs to match the theme of the episode. This allows for a greater range of experiences as we know that not everyone wants to go on camera. We offer a range of ask questions anonymously and in person. 


Always a Hot meal!

This is about more than just food - it's about providing comfort and connection. Vegan and dietary options are always available, so everyone can enjoy a delicious hot meal. As you enjoy your food, listen to our podcast comfortably and get to know the people in your community.

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